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Dibya Prakash, MSc. (Physics, Bioinformatics), DMRIT, RSO (Nuclear Medicine), MICNM, DHOM, who is author of three books, founded Nuclear Medicine Solutions in Feb 2019. He led a group of Nuclear Medicine Professionals to support patients, Nuclear Medicine (NM) professionals, management of Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Medicine Vendors and NM students. ​The team, since then, have published a number of YouTube videos on various topics. His upcoming book "Radiation Safety Guide for Nuclear Medicine Professionals" co-authored with renowned personalities of Nuclear Medicine and under publication with Sprinter Nature can be a great asset to the NM fraternity. 

Dibya Prakash

Nuclear Medicine Centres/ Departments struggle in terms of regulatory aspects, quality aspects, manpower hirings, procurement of NM equipment and consumables. We offer complete solutions and facilities for all day-to-day needs. 

We understand the problems faced by NM professionals in routine clinical work as well as administrative requirements. We created a platform on YouTube where a number of videos have been created with very frequent additions of new ones. The provision of a dedicated page on this website as "shared documents" helps to serve documents needed by NM Professionals for routine functionality. Notes on various topics have been added to the student's page.

A special page of a blog allows, people, to freely write and share their ideas, which can be tested on a multicentric basis with samples from the entire nation. The ideas, case discussions, and doubts would be open to the entire Nuclear Medicine fraternity of the world and replies can be received from the varied speciality of subject experts. People can also share their PPTs, notes, radiopharmaceutical preparations, documents etc, which would be available for generations to come. 

We always encourage our fraternity to come forward and help others to understand the subject effectively by sharing their expertise on this platform. Please accept our invitation and share your knowledge.


Team Nuclear Medicine Solutions

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