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Dibya Prakash, a PhD Scholar, MSc. (Physics, Bioinformatics), DMRIT (BARC), RSO (Nuclear Medicine), MICNM, DHOM, who is author of three books, founded Nuclear Medicine Solutions in Feb 2019. He led a group of Nuclear Medicine Professionals to support patients, Nuclear Medicine (NM) professionals, management of Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Medicine Vendors and NM students. ​The team, since then, have published a number of YouTube videos on various topics. He recently published book "Radiation Safety Guide for Nuclear Medicine Professionals" co-authored with renowned personalities of Nuclear Medicine which can be a great asset to the NM fraternity. He has a vast experience of more than 23 years in healthcare and 16 years in Nuclear Medicine.

Dibya Prakash, Founder NM Solutions

He has over seven years of extensive expertise overseeing NABH audits for Medical Imaging Services (MIS), encompassing Nuclear Medicine and Radiology. He has adeptly crafted comprehensive quality manuals, meticulously developed SOPs, and provided invaluable guidance in preparing for NABH audits.

Recently, he has started online course in Nuclear Medicine Dosimetry with instructor none other than Dr Michael G Stabin, who has been synonymous name to the dosimetry term. He has developed many dosimetry phantoms and authored many books and more than 250 papers to his credit.

Nuclear Medicine Centres/ Departments struggle in terms of regulatory aspects, quality aspects, manpower hiring, and procurement of NM equipment and consumables. This website offers complete solutions and facilities for all day-to-day needs. 

He also understands the problems NM professionals face in routine clinical work and administrative requirements and hence created a platform on YouTube where a number of videos have been created with very frequent additions of new ones. The provision of a dedicated page on this website as "shared documents" helps to serve documents needed by NM Professionals for routine functionality. Notes on various topics have been added to the student's page.

At NM Solutions, our mission is to foster a culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the fraternity. We wholeheartedly invite you to join us in this endeavour by contributing your expertise to our platform. Together, we can empower one another and enhance our collective understanding of the subject. Your insights and knowledge are invaluable, and we welcome your active participation.


Team Nuclear Medicine Solutions

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