Terms and Conditions

NuclearMedicineSolutions.in is owned by NM Solutions, a proprietorship company registered under Shops and Commercial Establishment Act 1958, with its registered office at Faridabad, Haryana.

NuclearMedicineSolutions is engaged in the business of providing online and offline solutions related to Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging through a network of diagnostic centres, Nuclear Medicine professionals and suppliers. The use of these services is subject to the terms and conditions written below. The use of NuclearMedicineSolutions.in services through any medium will automatically mean that the user has agreed to the terms written here.

The bookings provided by NuclearMedicineSolutions.in are software services of aggregation through technology. We are not providing any medical assessment or advice whatsoever.

The preparations and procedure mentions on website are for information purpose  only and based on standard guidelines available on open source material. These preparations and procedures are NOT to be considered as medical advise. The final preparatory instructions and procedural information varies from Centre to Centre  and it should be obtained from Hospital/ Centre only. The sole purpose of demonstrating these preparations is to educate the patients, so that they can gather all pre-requisites before test/therapy and reach Hospital/ Centre with full preparation. Multiple visits because of non-preparation can be avoided. Procedural information is given so that patient can be mentally prepared while undergoing test and cooperate with the staff during procedure. The duration for test / Therapy given is tentative only and varies from Centre to Centre as well as patient to patient. Patient's co-operation is solicited.   


Only individuals above the age of 18 are allowed to use our services. The users are responsible for protecting the confidentiality of their username, password and booking details. ​User agrees to mail the paid receipt copy on completion of test/ therapy at support@nuclearmedicinesolutions.in

By using our services, it is understood that the users have agreed that NuclearMedicineSolutions.in may contact them with SMS, emails, phone calls or any other means that NuclearMedicineSolutions.in may deem fit. A user may at any time call us to take this privilege away. When users are booking the services through NuclearMedicineSolutions.in, the service providers will also have the right to contact the user through email, SMS or phone.

NuclearMedicineSolutions.in does not take any responsibility for the accuracy and quality of the service provided by the Hospital/ Centre registered / tied up with us. Though NuclearMedicineSolutions.in takes all precautions to ensure that only high quality diagnostic labs are allowed to tie-up with us. NuclearMedicineSolutions.in does not have rights to assess quality of diagnostic services or to give any medical advice. We are merely an intermediary that is acting on good faith. NuclearMedicineSolutions.in is not liable for any medical assessment based on the reports of diagnostic tests booked through us at our partner labs.

NuclearMedicineSolutions.in will try to ensure that the diagnostic lab where a booking has been done through us, adheres to the timelines and the other promised services including centre/hospital visit and providing test report. However, as these are outside of NuclearMedicineSolutions.in control in many cases, and the liability lies with the service provider only.

In case, a service provider i.e. Hospital/ Centre does not provide the promised services partially or fully, www. nuclearmedicinesolutions.in’s liability is limited for such services.

All the content included in this website, is the property of M/s NM Solutions. The content posted by users on NuclearMedicineSolutions.in will become the property of M/s NM Solutions and the user grant us the right to use the content as we may deem fit.

The users agree to not post any objectionable content on our website and to treat our employees with dignity. NuclearMedicineSolutions.in has the right to terminate any service or to bar any user without any clarification whatsoever.

The terms of use of NuclearMedicineSolutions.in services are governed by the laws of the Republic of India. Any disputes may be addressed through arbitration in the courts in Faridabad, Haryana.