Nuclear Medicine Physician

Nuclear medicine (NM) physicians are medical professionals who are specifically trained to use radioactive materials to diagnose medical conditions or treat illnesses. He/ She is responsible to determine the nature of the procedure, radiopharmaceutical type & quantity prescription and dosage administration. He/ She is also responsible for the maintenance of records including the name of the patient, the name of the nuclear medicine physician with signature and date, and the name of the person administering the radiopharmaceutical with signature and date. 

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(a) A MBBS degree recognized by the Medical Council of India; and

(b) A Post graduate degree/diploma in Nuclear Medicine recognized by the Medical Council of India or National Board of Examination, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Roles and Responsibilities

(Reference: AERB safety code for Nuclear Medicine Facility AERB/RF-MED/SC-2 (Rev. 2), issued on Mar 11)

(a) have the responsibility of dosage administration and maintenance of records providing the name of the patient, nature of procedure, radiopharmaceutical prescribed, quantity prescribed, name of the nuclear medicine physician with signature and date, and name of the person administering the radiopharmaceutical with signature and date;
(b) prevent any possibility of misadministration and promptly report to the licensee and the competent authority in the event of any misadministration, adverse reaction or death of a patient administered with radioactivity;
(c) consider factors such as proper choice of radiopharmaceuticals, monitoring of procedure and immobilisation of the patient in order to minimize absorbed dose to the patient;
(d) consider the justification of diagnosis/therapy on pregnant patients/ lactating mothers in order to limit the exposure to the foetus/infant not exceeding an absorbed dose of 1 mGy;
(e) consider appropriate measures for dose fractionation, in order to minimise non-stochastic effects following radionuclide therapy;
(f) adopt specific dosimetric considerations in pediatric patients to ascertain the risk-benefit ratio;
(g) inform the patient on safety measures to be observed to avoid radiation exposure to the family members and others;
(h) ensure that where the quantity of radioactivity administered to a patient is not in excess of the limits specified.

(i) Hospitalize and isolate patients wherever necessary as per safety codes and guidelines. 

(j) Prevent the spread of contamination and minimize exposure of staff, other patients and the public.

(k) Instruct nursing and ancillary staff on radiation safety and precautions in nursing/management of therapy patients.

(j) Obtain informed consent from the relatives of the patient, prior to administration of the therapeutic dose

(k) Instruct on the time duration for the avoidance of pregnancy following nuclide therapy such that the absorbed dose to the conceptus shall not exceed 1mGy.


Documents may be useful for NM Physicians while performing day-to-day routine functioning 


Being NM Professionals, we have spent a lot of time making official documents e.g. consent forms, standing orders, departmental manuals etc. As per standards stipulated by accrediting agencies, they are to be in bilingual format. Over a period of time, we have created a lot of documents and those may be helpful to others too. We thought to share on this platform so that others can be beneficial and can concentrate more on patient work. While preparing documents, SNM/EANM standard procedure guidelines and other quality accrediting agency guidelines have been taken into consideration. We do not say, this would be the best one, but certainly, it would help you to make the best one, which suits your requirement.

The documents have been distributed over several pages of this website based on subdepartment concerns. For the NM Physician page, we are sharing registration forms and consent forms. We request other NM professionals to come forward and share their made documents, which would be beneficial to society. The contributor's name with due acknowledgement would be published on this website. 

Youtube tutorials

Nuclear Medicine Solutions prepares youtube tutorials on various topics related to Nuclear Medicine. In the same series, we have prepared a video on "Mechanism of localisation of Radiopharmaceuticals". There are two parts to this video and it is the first series by Mrs Indira Upadhyay, MSc, DMRIT on this channel. She is a very senior Nuclear Medicine Professional and in this field since 1991.


PowerPoint presentation skills and resources

​To help the Nuclear Medicine fraternity with easy access to various images, scientific papers and medical books, Nuclear Medicine Solutions prepares YouTube tutorial series on PowerPoint Presentation skills and resources. The links are as follows: