Consultancy Services

We offer consultancy services on setting up a new Nuclear Medicine department as well as setting up a high-dose therapy facility. We also provide consultancy services for NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers) accreditation. 


We can provide editable manuals and documents required for NABH accreditation on a payment basis and the units can implement the standards as per these documents. The needy one can simply fill out the contact form or call us at +91 8076930051 for these documents.  

Shaking Hands

The contents of the prepared sample documents are shown below:

Index - Chapter 1 - Access, Assessment and Care of patients (AAC).jpg
Index - Chapter 2 - Imaging, Procedures and Interpretations (IPI).jpg
Index - Chapter 3 - Facility Management Services (FMS).jpg
Index - Chapter 4 - Equipment, Material and Medications (EMM).jpg
Index - Chapter 5 - Human Resource Management (HRM).jpg
Index - Chapter 6 - Management of Quality and Safety (MQS).jpg
Index - Chapter 7 - Information Management System (IMS).jpg

For a basic understanding of the NABH accreditation process, you can go through the webinar presented on 09th Aug 2020 by The Council of Nuclear Medicine Science & Technology, India (CNMST) on the topic of "Quality Accreditation of Nuclear Medicine centres/ departments, their need and How to set-up Indicators". The invited speaker Mr Dibya Prakash, delivered the talk in presence of several renowned personalities including NABH Assessors. The later part of this webinar emerged as a panel discussion on various aspects of NABH accreditation. Must-watch reference material for those who are in the process of NABH or JCI Accreditation.

A series of youtube video tutorials is created to help those who wanted to understand the process of accreditations