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Online courses in nuclear medicine dosimetry

Online Courses

  • Online course on Nuclear Medicine Dose Assessment.

  • Instructor: Dr Michael G Stabin. 

  • Materials: The course contains 10 chapters, teaches internal dose concepts, and summarizes the current best methods and models. Students get study material, slides, explanation, and work through numerical examples and MCQs. 

NABH Consultancy on NuclearMedicine

NABH Consultancy

  • Complete solutions on NABH accreditation.

  • Modalities covered: Nuclear Medicine, Radiology and other non-imaging modalities such as TMT, BERA, NCV etc. 

  • We guide at each step, starting from legal requirements, providing manuals, infrastructure-related needs etc.. 

Introductory Offer


Introductory offer for online course 

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Online booking of nuclear medicine tests and therapies

Online Booking of NM tests

  • Book Nuclear Scans and Therapies at never-before prices in many service categories.

  • 18F-FDG PET-CT starts from ₹ 12,000/-.

  • PSMA PET-CT and 68Ga-DOTA PET-CT Scans starting from ₹ 17,000/- & ₹ 22,000/-. Lutetium Therapies from ₹ 1,00,000/-, High-dose Radioiodine Therapies from ₹ 40,000/- and many more. 

nuclear medicine products

Nuclear Medicine Products and Services

  • A dedicated section to connect buyers and sellers of  Nuclear medicine-related products and services.

  • The vendors can showcase their products & services and buyers get a list of vendors who supply any particular item and can negotiate with suppliers.

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e-Learning solutions for Nuclear Medicine & Radiology

YouTube tutorials, study material, standard operating procedures (SOPs), various bilingual forms etc. relevant to Nuclear Medicine & Radiology is uploaded on different pages of this website as per the sub-specialties. The same can be found on links below:

Books On Shelf

About Us

Dibya Prakash, PhD Scholar, MSc. (Physics, Bioinformatics), DMRIT, RSO (Nuclear Medicine), MICNM, DHOM, who is author of three books and many papers, founded Nuclear Medicine Solutions in Feb 2019 to promote Nuclear Medicine. He started the first website, which exclusively books nuclear medicine scans and therapies. Several YouTube tutorials and documents are shared for the use of Nuclear Medicine professionals and students. He recently published book "Radiation Safety Guide for Nuclear Medicine Professionals" to provide reference material for radiation safety officers (RSO) and RSO exam aspirants.

Radiation Safety Guide for nuclear medicine professionals

Click to download book frontmatter

Nuclear Medicine A guide

Click to download book frontmatter

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